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May 18, 2012:
Sugar makes you stupid and bat fat makes your brain fail. Who wants to live a long time and remember that they didn't have any fun?


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What are the dangers of bad fat?

Harvard Study shows that bad fat hurts brain as well as heart.

Bat Fat can harm your brain as much as it can impact your arteries and heart, according to a new Harvard Study published in the Annals of Neurology. It seems that saturated fat may hurt brain function and memory over time, and this study comes on the heels of another study that says sugar makes you stupider, so your observations about fast food customers may not be so far off base after all. By replacing saturated fats with monounsatruated fats you may be able to keep your brain from declining as you age, which is important since you are going to be spending a lot of time with your mind and probably don't want to be dependent on the next generation for handouts. The study was done on women, but the results are likely identical in men. Bad fat sources include butter, the red meats, and animal fats, so the extra sour cream on your bacon double cheeseburger may not be recommended. Meanwhile, you can get the monounsaturated fat from veggies and olive oil. Therefore, if you want to keep a leg up on the hippies down the street, who take other natural and artificial supplements to impair their brain functions, you should try to switch up your carnivore diet to something with a little less critter in it. Other studies have already shown that saturated fats contribute to Altzheimers disease, cancer, diabetes, and love handles. Like all studies, nutritionists recommend changing to a diet that is just about the opposite of the average American's food consumption profile, since it involves fresh fruits, fat-free yogurt, and foods containing eggplant, black beans, and avocadoes, but without that tasty marinated chicken you can only get at Chipotle.

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Special note: Remember all those commercials in the 1970s that said you are what you eat? Remember calling someone a fathead? Well there you go!